The BackPocket
certification process

Only the most qualified experts become BackPocket Advisors.

Our process was created to ensure that every member of our advisor network is truly a helpful expert in their field.

All they have to do is pass.

BackPocket - certification step three

Step One:

The interview

We start with a face-to-face video interview to discuss what marketing disciplines they’re truly amazing at. The skills and knowledge they uniquely possess.


Here, we are working to understand what the potential advisors are capable of, while helping them start to fill out the Expertise Profile and testing their interpersonal and communications skills.

BackPocket - certification step one

Step Two:

The expertise profile

We then have the potential Advisor fill out their BackPocket Expertise Profile. This is like a resume, but instead of a simple list of jobs, it is oriented around a list of expertise with proof points.


Here, we are testing for tangible proof that the potential advisor is an expert in each item on their list, and at which level (Tactical, Strategic or Leadership).

BackPocket - certification step two

Step Three:

The sample questions

If the candidate makes it through to this final step, we have them answer example customer questions -- one for each of the marketing disciplines they identified in their Expertise Profile.


Think of this as a trial run. Here, we are testing both that the potential advisor truly knows their stuff, while at the same time testing how good they are at explaining complex subject matter.

If they pass all three stages, they are officially certified as a BackPocket Advisor and entered into our network.

Ongoing ratings & feedback

BackPocket - ongoing ratings

Every time a user interacts with an advisor, they are given the opportunity to rate them and provide feedback on knowledge depth, helpfulness and friendliness.

This ensures we know who’s performing and who isn’t, and helps our users decide which advisors they want to engage with.