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Introducing BackPocket - helping marketers face today’s complexity & change

Introducing BackPocket - helping marketers face today’s complexity & change

It has never been more difficult to be a marketing leader.

Up until the early 2000s marketing was a fairly straightforward endeavour, but the tech revolution has upended that. Today’s marketing leaders now face:

  • The most complex set of tools and channels ever

  • The most discerning and distracted audiences ever

  • The most route-to-market options ever

  • The most direct and indirect competition ever

  • Plus the fastest pace of change ever

Yes, the explosion of media, retail, and data-tracking technology has made marketing immensely self-serve (sorry agencies). But complexity has skyrocketed. While we’re now able to press the various “buttons” of marketing ourselves, we don’t always know how to press them, when to press them, why to press them, or even if they’re the right buttons to press.

Did you know: there are now over 6,800 MarTech tools across 49 categories, and growing?


As a marketing leader, you want to take advantage of all of this change, not be overtaken by it. You want to be able to go after drastically new opportunities while quickly overcoming difficult challenges that come out of left field. Therefore a new game has emerged: who can continuously evolve their marketing team’s capabilities at speed?

How are you going to win?

Your current options have many tradeoffs:

  1. Mercenary specialists take a long time to hire, are expensive and inflexible, and impact your team’s culture.

  2. Training programs — be they offline or online — are limited to the basics, don’t reflect the contextual nuances of your business, and take your people away from working on your business.

  3. Advice and guidance from agencies can be expensive, driven by process and overhead designed for execution. 

  4. Advice and guidance from new suppliers and channels — while free — is biased by salespeople who need you to increase your spend.

You need a better way, and we’ve built BackPocket to help.

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BackPocket: A new solution for marketers

BackPocket gives you on-demand access to a broad network of certified marketing advisors who are ready to help you through any challenge or opportunity you face.

We help you and your team always know what to do and how to do it, by pairing you with Advisors who’ve done it before.

You can do it all. Make key strategic decisions after discussing them with marketers who’ve been in your shoes before. Tackle bold new initiatives with the help of deep subject-matter experts. Develop your team’s skills by pairing them with pros in their disciplines. And even build your team with structure and recruiting advice from seasoned execs.

BackPocket can be your strategic ability to continuously evolve your team’s capabilities and become a master of complexity, change, and competition.

  1. Instead of hiring expensive mercenaries, BackPocket focuses on giving a smart and culturally aligned team the skills they need to succeed.

  2. Instead of investing in generic training programs that take up your team’s time, BackPocket’s Advisors build your team’s capabilities while they execute with excellence.

  3. Instead of relying on expensive advice from costly and limited agencies, BackPocket gives you access to any expertise you need via a cost-effective model.

  4. Instead of receiving biased advice from suppliers, BackPocket puts your success first with no one trying to hit quota through the guidance they provide.

All you have to do is tell us about your situation, and we’ll match you with the right Certified Marketing Advisors who can guide you and your team to success. Easy. Peasy.

Now you can win the game of continuously evolving your team’s capabilities at speed. Now you can master the barrage of complexity, change, and competition you face every day.

Now you can get the marketing expertise you need, right in your BackPocket.

Introducing BackPocket: confirm and cash-in on your marketing expertise

Introducing BackPocket: confirm and cash-in on your marketing expertise