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Introducing BackPocket: confirm and cash-in on your marketing expertise

Introducing BackPocket: confirm and cash-in on your marketing expertise

We want to celebrate and unleash the amazing things you’re able to do.

You’ve spent years mastering your area of expertise in marketing, collecting case-study-worthy experiences, and creating remarkable business impact. You’ve kept learning and stayed ahead of the pace of change to become a leader in your discipline.

Simply put: you’re rocking it.

And we love it.

At BackPocket we’re here to help you get the most out of your expertise. We’ll help you prove the skills you have, and then enable you to earn extra cash by giving advice to other marketers.

We welcome all levels of expertise: from the complex tactical skills that create impactful executions to the deep strategic skills that spawn next-level opportunities and the seasoned leadership skills that foster high-performing teams.

If you’re at least a few years into your career and consider yourself an expert in something you do, then you probably have some amazing skills worth celebrating and sharing with others.

Keep reading and we’ll tell you just what BackPocket will do to unleash your expertise.


First, let’s prove your skills

At BackPocket, we believe it’s what you can do that matters, not simply where you’ve worked. So, while resumes just list your job history, we’ve built an Expertise Profile and an Advisor Certification Process to prove your skills and knowledge.

Our Expertise Profile focuses on your core capabilities, highlighting key experiences you’ve had (i.e. projects you’ve completed and results you’ve created) as proof points. You can then deepen your profile by including case-studies that highlight how your know-how lead to success and add to it as you strengthen your expertise and expand into new disciplines.

BackPocket not only provides you with this new tool but also delivers validation that you’ve got what it takes. To do this, we run you through our benchmarking process that certifies your skills, giving you a well-deserved, and standardized, stamp of approval.

And allowing you to become a BackPocket Advisor.


Now, let’s help you earn extra cash

Wouldn’t it be nice to easily earn some extra money in your spare time? Wouldn’t it be useful to regularly exercise your brain with different challenges and scenarios? Wouldn’t it be rewarding to help other marketers grow and succeed?

As a Certified BackPocket Advisor, you can do all of that.

BackPocket connects you to micro-consulting opportunities. Advise other marketers through situations you’re uniquely qualified to help with.

You can advise other marketers through a range of situations, depending on your expertise, including making key strategic decisions, tackling bold new initiatives, developing new execution skills, and working through leadership challenges.

Let us take care of matching you with new clients, setting fair standard rates and making sure you get paid on time.

All you have to do is advise.

You have some amazing skills and unique experiences, and we want to help you get the most out of them.

Create your account today and apply to get certified as a BackPocket Advisor.

Introducing BackPocket - helping marketers face today’s complexity & change

Introducing BackPocket - helping marketers face today’s complexity & change