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1. Figure out the big picture

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Your situation

As a marketing leader, you face a constant stream of strategic decisions to make. How do you move fast and ensure you place the right bets?

  • Green-lighting a large new initiative
  • Re-organizing the marketing team structure
  • Deciding on your best customer profile
  • Crafting your long-term marketing plans

Our solution

Work through all of your strategic decisions with seasoned marketers who have been in your shoes.


Create growth through more informed decisions

2. Tackle a new initiative

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Your situation

Your team is working on something new. Its success is critical, but it’s outside their comfort zone. How do you know they’ll get it right?

  • Creating your first marketing automation campaign
  • Implementing an enterprise-grade MarTech tool
  • Pivoting to a different go-to-market strategy
  • Adding an important new growth channel

Our solution

Access seasoned marketers who’re experts in what your team is working on. Their guidance can reduce risk, while bringing you to market faster.


Create growth with both speed and quality

3. Develop a member of your team

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Your situation

You’re helping marketers on your team develop through stretch projects and positions, but need them to perform at the highest level. How do you make sure they learn fast, while getting things right the first time?

  • Stepping up to lead their first initiative
  • Becoming a manager for the first time
  • Being the first in a new marketing role or function
  • Moving across disciplines to expand their skill set

Our solution

Access a network of seasoned leaders and specialized experts who can augment the guidance you’re providing. Your team gets the support they need to grow, while you reduce your risk.


Create growth by guiding development

4. Onboard a new team member

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Your situation

You’ve found an amazing new marketer for your team - super smart, and the perfect culture fit - but they have a couple skills gaps you need them to close fast. How can you maximize the long-term potential, without risking the short term?

  • Moving from the same job to a different industry
  • Stepping into a different role with applicable skillse
  • A specialist expanding to a broader role
  • Jack-of-all-trades beginning to specialize

Our solution

BackPocket’s advisors deliver the expert guidance your new team members need to get fully ramped in no time.


Create growth by supporting the right people